Tuesday, July 7, 2020
Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Colorado Components

Colorado Components is one of the leading manufacturers of aftermarket wheels and tires for the powersports industry. Attributing their success to over 10 years of dedication to the highest level of product quality, customer service and leading warranty, they are doubling their world customer base each year. Colorado Components (CoCo) is recognized by most as a manufacturer willing to take risks where necessary, to push the current benchmarks of performance and engineering. Their R&D team spends hundreds of hours each year in developing products that improve and increase vehicle performance for all major brands and models of ATVs and UTVs. Although you may not know Colorado Components as a house-hold name (yet), you do know their incredibly popular wheel brand, MSA Offroad Wheels and growing line of tires under the brand EFX Performance Tires.

Company Roots
Colorado Components has been manufacturing wheels and tires for over 10 years, building quite an impressive collection of products that revolutionized an otherwise stale marketplace. The founding members of Colorado Components are as you can assume, from Colorado. Under a previous corporate name, they were responsible for launching several successful global automotive wheel brands with a focus on niche segments with little to no competition. The founding members of Colorado Components knew they had the right team, but needed a new challenge in a new industry. After several years of homework and countless hours in engineering, MSA Offroad Wheels was successfully deployed in 2005 to a horde of hungry consumers who were anxiously waiting for something fresh, something new. MSA Offroad Wheels instantly created a whirlwind of excitement within the powersports industry, engineering fresh new wheel sizes, automotive grade styling and vivid new finishes. MSA Offroad Wheels is responsible for multiple firsts in the powersports industry, that although now may seem “the norm”, they were quite revolutionary upon release. Some of these include: first interchangeable bolt-on cap, first 15”, 16” and 18” wheel sizes, first company to use true automotive established metric millimeter offset, and many more.

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Another major branch of the Colorado Components family is a highly specialized tire line, the EFX Tires. Formed in 2005, EFX Tires has been synonymous with the same level of quality, aggressive styling and enormous sizes that their sister company established. EFX Tires utilizes all new cutting edge technology in their manufacturing processes to ensure a consistent, quality ride, no matter your vehicle or terrain preference. Throughout the last 10 years, the design team at EFX Tires has watched closely as trends change and new segments open up. EFX Tires is proud to be one of the first manufacturers to engineer and distribute, a DOT (Department of Transportation) Radial, Street Approved tire for street legal ATVs and UTVs. This technology is only seen currently in automotive grade products, providing the ultimate in safety and performance at high-speed hard pack terrain. EFX Tires continues to find new areas of the powersports industry to improve on, investing time and resources into new ply-ratings and tread patterns/depths to ensure that your tires hold up no matter your terrain.

The third and final brand manufactured by Colorado Components is the oldest and most decorated line, Fairway Alloys golf car wheels. Once, not long ago, golf cars were considered an as-is consumable product, featuring wheel covers (hub-caps) to cover the otherwise ugly steel wheel underneath. Creating a product with that kind of stigma was no easy feat, requiring the design team to literally start from scratch and design a product that the industry had never seen before. After 17 proud years of manufacturing one of the world’s finest golf car wheel lines, Fairway Alloys has proven that overcoming obstacles is something the guys at Colorado Components know better than most. EFX Tires provides a complete collection of Golf Car specific tire options to ensure no matter what size or shape your toy(s) are, Colorado Components has you covered.

Global Scope
The diverse and incredibly talented workforce at Colorado Components is now split between two locations, Colorado and Texas. The corporate office are located in Grand Junction, Colorado, roughly 4 hours west of Denver on the east side of the Rockies and 60 minutes from some of the most incredible trail systems in the country. The company moved warehousing from their Colorado facility down to Arlington, Texas in October of 2013 to provide better support to their global customer base. Their Arlington warehouse is loaded to the gills throughout the year and Beau Bryant, Vice President of Sales tells us that Colorado Components is proud to offer a 99% fill rate on all product lines:

“One of the key points we made early in our company’s conception was to make sure that when a customer wants a product, we are able to fulfill that order in the fastest possible channels” Beau said. ”Because of our 10 years of distribution expertise, we strive to ensure that our products are inventoried and shelved, ready when you want them.”
All of Colorado Components brands are available in local dealerships and tire stores within the United States and via distributors internationally.

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One new area of excitement for everyone at Colorado Components is a full eCommerce website slating for deployment in early 2015. “Our new online store is specifically designed for our current dealers to be able to order product 24 hours a day with a few quick mouse clicks”, says Brandon Brouillette, Vice president of Marketing. “As technology changes and more people order online, we want to make sure our retail customers and dealer partners have a quick, easy shopping experience that is convenient to their schedule”. This new eCommerce solution is currently under development but Brandon explained to us that dealers will be able to preview inventory counts, build wheel and tire kits, check balances/terms and much more.

Another big investment at Colorado Components is in their warehouse, where thousands of wheels and tires are mounted together each week, taking the burden off local dealers. Colorado Components partnered with Hunter Technologies and invested in brand new mounting machines to ensure a consistent, quality combination, inflated specifically to the manufacturer’s PSI specifications. Don’t have a wheel and tire mounting machine or don’t want to pay the mounting fee at your local tire shop? Have Colorado Components professional mounting team put together the combo of your dreams for you.

You can contact Colorado Components or any of their brands at (800) 734-4890, online @ cocomponents.com | msawheels.com | efxtires.com | fairwayalloys.com or via Instagram, Twitter or Facebook using @msawheels @efxtires @fairwayalloys

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