Wednesday, July 15, 2020
Wednesday, July 15, 2020

FXR R-1 PRO Rain Gear First Look

FXR has long been creating the best in performance outerwear, and we recognize their name as the top in snowmobile gear for the winter months. Well, now they have gone and developed an extreme weather rain suit (FXR R-1 PRO) for the fishing community and this really needs to be your next set of gear for this spring, summer and fall.

With a 4-way stretch material, water sealed cuffs, removable hood with adjustments for heavier winds, fully seam sealed and waterproof/breathable construction, this is a truly comfortable and functional way to be on the water, whether you’re travelling at high speeds and need some wind blockage or doing some casting in an absolute downpour.

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A key feature on the jacket and something completely new to FXR is the retractable clip cables located under the arm for easy access to and storage of pliers, scissors, line snips or any other accessories you would normally put down and could easily misplace. The length on the cables is sufficient enough to extend out the length of any anglers arm, enabling the ability to pull out a tricky hook with an attached set of forceps, then just let them go when you’re done and they’ll find their place back where they belong.

Considering your overall experience in the suit, from the time you leave your house to the time you get back home, the R-1 Pro has it all. A major factor in this is that the jacket is so well fitted and designed, that you won’t ever feel like you’re wearing some bulky unattractive tarp and look like you just stepped off of a crabbing boat when you stop at the local gas bar to fuel up your rig. The backwoods anglers will also be impressed by the durability when trekking through the bush on their ATV, knocking gnarly branches out of the way and remaining flexible when ducking in and around deadfall.

My personal experience with the R-1 suit is quite extensive, and as an active angler with limited time, I need to get out there no matter what the weather forecast looks like. During a test day last fall (2016), a group of us went out in search of some giant walleye and did not realize that winter had planned to start that day. The winds were about as bad as you’d ever want to see whilst in a 20 foot fishing boat, the sky was black, and between the driving rain, sleet and snow, it was by far one of my worst days on the water. With all of that said, there were a ton of smiles present on faces all day long, as our attention wasn’t pulled away from fishing and onto the terrible weather at all. At the end of the whole experience we had caught our limits of fish to take home for the frying pan, soaked through some camera gear, told a lot of lies and poked fun at each other, but we were happy and most importantly, we were dry.

Overall, it’s lightweight, durable, functional, keeps the elements out, and it will leave you more time to really focus on what gets your fired up to be outdoors.

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For more information on the FXR R-1 PRO, please visit the FXR website.

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