Tuesday, July 7, 2020
Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Riding with the Falco Trek 2 boots

We all know the importance of wearing proper safety equipment when we ride and ATV or drive a UTV. Coming home at the end of the day injury free is number one. Helmets, goggles and gloves are all pretty easy to use, but what about footwear? Motocross-style boots are cool and all, but do you really want to wear them around all the time? We got the opportunity to spend some time in Falco’s new Trek 2 boots and they make a good option.


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Yeah, we know what you’re thinking – these aren’t off-road boots. No, they’re not. These are aimed straight at the urban motorcycle crowd and they work very well for that use. From first glance, they look a little like a cross between a leather hiking boot and a high-top sneaker. You have to admit, these are some pretty nice looking boots, so there is an appeal there for the UTV driver that doesn’t want to wear a heavy off-roading boot, but wants more protection than a shoe permits.

The Trek 2 boots have an oil-treated leather upper that is very durable and will wear quite well. After all, they are Italian, and the Italians are well known for their leather craftsmanship. To this Falco adds their High-Tex waterproof membrane that will keep your feet dry and remain breathable for comfort. The High-Tex system tests the boots by having them walked in for 100 steps through water over the toes. These kept our feet dry during testing for sure.

The soles are from Vibram, so we knew they’d be very durable and offer good grip, even for a boot aimed at the urban market. We were impressed by the traction we got with them. The boots also have full lace closure, which worked very well, even though laces don’t always make for a great off-road boot. We didn’t run into any issues with them.


The Trek 2s have Falco’s D30 impact inserts in the ankles. D30 was developed for the military and for winter sports like skiing as a way to offer support and lessen impacts on the bones and joints. It layers shock-absorbing materials in a fashion that spreads impacts out instead of in, toward your foot. The result is a boot that offers a great deal of protection for your ankle, without feeling like you’re wearing a full-on motocross boot, or a ski boot. While we loved the fit and protection, we did notice that for driving a UTV, the support does make the boot slightly less ideal for the driver when it comes to moving your foot between the gas and brake pedals.

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Overall, we really liked these boots. They are available in size 39 through 47 and in black, dark brown, camel brown and petrol blue colors. We found them to be very comfortable and light on our feet, which makes them an interesting choice for off-road use. Check them out at www.gianniflaco.co

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