Sunday, October 24, 2021
Sunday, October 24, 2021
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KMC XS827 Rockstar III First Look

Our first look and impressions of the KMC XS827 Rockstar III Wheels.

Riding with the Falco Trek 2 boots

UTV Planet got the opportunity to test the new Falco Trek 2 boots and here is our review.

Rigid Chase Led light

The RIGID Chase LED light adds safety and functionality to any UTV, by packing reverse, courtesy, strobe, running, and brake lights into a single package.

FXR R-1 PRO Rain Gear First Look

The FXR R-1 PRO the extreme weather rain suit by FXR conceived for the backcountry explorer. The FXR R-1 PRO is lightweight, durable and keeps the elements out.

2017 UTV Exhaust Buyer’s Guide

You have purchased a brand new or gently used UTV, looking for a new exhaust? Our UTV Exhaust Buyer's Guide maybe able to help in making your selection.

High Lifter Outlaw R2

High Lifter releases this new innovative Outlaw R2 after years of dominating the mud industry with the Outlaw, the #1 mud tire.