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Wicked Bilt

Wicked Bilt is a division of Maval Industries LLC, based in Ohio, but with a global reach. Wicked Bilt began as an idea of the Maval Partners which was to create a separate division within the company devoted exclusively to the world of UTV/Side by Side performance racing and riding. Maval had its origins in the 1980’s, first remanufacturing steering systems for some of the world’s largest original equipment service organizations, then breaking into the original equipment manufacture of steering systems for off-road vehicles. In 2015 the Maval group was sold to Remy International where it retains the original spirit and ethos of off-roading and racing. Wicked Bilt began by offering alternatives to OEM steering both Manual and Electrical. Wicked Bilt has since expanded into many other product offerings steering related and otherwise, however the focus had always been on offering high quality affordable solutions for the enthusiast. Wicked Bilt is also the proud sponsor of Off-road Motorsports of Valencia Pennsylvania and has worked with Mini Baja teams around the globe to produce unique steering solutions for the most arduous of events. Many of the Wicked Bilt engineering team traces their roots to off-roading and the Mini Baja teams they served at university. The Wicked Bilt crew also contains avid Jeep enthusiasts who bring a passion to all off-road products.

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Wicked Bilts signature products trace their roots to the parent company’s focus on Steering. Early on, Maval developed cost effective, safe and durable steering systems for some of the largest O.E.M.s around the world. Using this expertise, Wicked Bilt has developed specialty steering systems for the most demanding racers, crawlers and mudders. These units are steering on steroids for the most extreme conditions that warrant more than factory supplied components. The system is simplicity itself using a modular (Lego like) system to give the customer a robust gear coupled with an ergonomic ratio to reduce driver fatigue during those long and tiring cross country events. With more “beef” added to every aspect of the gear, performance drivers get the turning radius and robust capability to insure a straight shot to the finish line. These gears can also be tailored to custom fit virtually any unique front end set up. Many racers start with a blank sheet of paper and fit a custom gear into the most complex front end matrix. These gears are produced and hand crafted to each individual set up, while remaining remarkably cost effective due to advanced manufacturing techniques, using state of the art machine tools in the dedicated machining shop.

Wicked Bilt was also a pioneer in the use of Electric Power Steering in UTVs with it Electra Steer Kits. Before the OEMs ever made EPS an option on various vehicles, Wicked Bilt created Electra Steer kits that are retro fitted for vehicles which did not have EPS available or was not selected as option from the factory when purchase. Wicked Bilt uses automotive grade EPS units that have already been successfully installed in millions of vehicles worldwide. The strength and small size of the unit are unsurpassed by any competitor and remain an industry standard for responsiveness, durability and ease of installation. We have thousands of satisfied customers, from wounded warriors who needed ease of operation to racer maniacs who put the units to the ultimate test. In our more than seven years in EPS production we have made numerous improvements to an already proven system mating the best in Automotive Technology to create the state of the art, affordable and durable UTV/Side by Side EPS systems. Wicked Bilt engineers are currently working on even more advanced systems with the power required to steer the newer, heavier faster, Sport Side by Sides. Stay tuned for more developments.

wicked bilt

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At the same time Wicked Bilt has not neglected the unsung hero steering – shafting! Using automotive and race U joints coupled with high strength bar stock and double D, Wicked Bilt creates the industry leader in steering shafting and motion control. High Strength of the U joints coupled with a very low lash coefficient makes for winning combination to those discerning racers and competitors whose dash to the winner’s circle depends on precise control and smooth response. Each unit is robotically tested after welding to insure that both the phasing and lash are within factory specifications. You can count on a Wicked Bilt shaft not to drift off course! Custom shafts for a unique build are no problem for Wicked Bilt.

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Veering away from Steering, Wicked Bilt has also designed a signature Snow Plow system that has been widely imitated but never surpassed. Using operator friendly joystick controls, coupled with an integrated mil spec hydraulic control unit, the easy on easy off Snow Plow is a breeze to operate. With the ability to push, pull, raise, lower with downward pressure, and angle from the comfort of a cab Wicked Bilt plows are in service from Kodiak Island Alaska to the Sangre de Christos Mountains in Colorado. If you are in snow country, Wicked Bilt plows deliver the power, versatility, and ease of installation that are appreciated by snow birds from coast to coast. Available in both 60 and 72 inch blade configurations the plow offers unsurpassed flexibility for use in the home drives way, to airports and college campuses. Check the plows out in our video on the website.

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Lighting was an area where the global reach of the parent company has really helped Wicked Bilt to come with a line that has many competitive advantages. After researching the Chinese LED light world and numerous visits to factories both great and well…. Not so great, Wicked Bilt settled in on a light supplier who had both the testing and the factory to make a good, reliable, cost effective line that offers many different light kits from desert racing to heavy equipment work lights. Getting feedback from our customers as to what they wanted and what could be improved enabled the team to focus on the most luminous and cost effective lights available today. From desert racing to logging in the north woods, Wicked Bilt keeps you out of the dark.

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Wicked Bilt began a search based on customer demands for an accessory line to complement the existing steering, plow and lighting business. This is a work in progress, however Wicked bilt now carries a line of tire products, tow cables, snatch blocks and tow cables among other future offerings that are being field tested as this is being written.

At Wicked Bilt our team does not just design and build – we ride and enjoy the lifestyle. Wicked Bilt team members participate in Riding Rally’s, Races, Jeep Fests, Trail Events and Baja Events. This passion for off-road extends to work in our product development lab, where the ideas and inspiration from the field takes root in systematic design and testing of our products. Jeff DiJerome, Wicked Bilt Manager, says that only work in the field gives us the knowledge to truly understand our products and more importantly our customers’ needs. “Seeing what goes on at events across the country gives us the scope to drill down to our customer’s needs and listen to both complaints and praise”. Each event also usually offers the opportunity to ride, first for fun, then to analyze the products in the vehicle. Many potential products never make the catalog as they are deemed inferior in field testing. A light bar that brings daylight to the test track, but fails two miles into a race is a product the Wicked Bilt will refuse to offer. However, a gear that does a five hundred mile race and is as tight and as responsive as when it was installed is deemed a winner and will get a slot in the catalog. This goes for all of our products.

In closing, we at Wicked Bilt use a two pronged attack at developing and maintaining a fresh stable of products. First we extensively research and simulate field conditions in our lab, working to insure that when we go to the field we have a viable product known to perform. While we are in the field, we fine tune and discover the strengths of the product eliminating any potential weaknesses. The combination of Lab work and field testing is a Wicked Bilt cornerstone in being able to deliver the highest possible quality to the end user.

For more information contact Jeff DiJerome at jeff.dejerome@mavalgear.com or 330-405-1642 or for questions go to wickedbiltsales@mavalgear.com You can call at 1-800-338-9080 if you want to speak to a Wicked Bilt representative.

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